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We bring fun back to the dining room with a variety of delicious meal service plans utilizing the latest culinary trends, local and fresh ingredients and an eye for beauty in presentation.  We customize menus and offerings to each location based on the individual specific needs and requests. No two properties are the same and we understand that, bringing specialty items and a care for quality for each location we manage. 



For clients looking to have their food service programs managed by top notch professionals creating satisfied clientele.

From full-service breakfasts, lunches, dinners and specialty catering, our team of talented chefs, managers and servers can create a professional, client-based, quality food service program to enhance the experience of your guests. Our menu development is tested and created to meet the wants and needs of a diverse population.  


We offer an incredible selection of specialty dietary offerings including no gluten, vegan, nut-free, dairy-free and vegetarian options designed to please the most discerning of guests.



With access to a multitude of local farmers and growers, OFSM is dedicated to supporting the local community and environment.  All seafood offered is approved by the Monterey Aquarium Seafood Watch List.  We support ethical treatment of animals and the absence of antibiotics in the raising of animals.

We can help to set-up complete sustainability programs with composting of all kitchen scraps for use in local farms and utilizing sustainable and renewable items for all our services.

Contact us to inquire about our organic garden programs and sustainability offerings.  Our commitment is to our environment, our community and to our future.


Our chefs and management are on the constant search for exciting and new culinary trends.  We start with quality ingredients and hand-make our food with tried and true recipes.

Guests enjoy a variety of menus from all around the world. Creating from scratch an incredible menu selection for each meal time, guests do not have the opportunity to get bored.

Seasonal, local produce is the base of our menu development and we work closely with our local purveyors to ensure the best of the best is used for our operations.

Food is our passion and we love to share it with our clientele.

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